My Mentoring Story

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Growing up I didn't know what I wanted to be when people would ask me that stereotypical question. I just knew I didn't want to be a doctor or work in a cubicle, those were not where I saw myself working for the rest of my life. Maybe it was because growing up homeschooled I knew that I could forge my own path in life and didn't have to do what everyone else did or said I should do. I was open to whatever sounded right for me.

I was going to find my own path in life!

Fast forward to the end of 2014 when I met my first mentor, he helped me in ways that I didn't know I needed help and taught me concepts that motivated me. I was inspired to do something similar!

I wanted to be a mentor too!

Then I got down about it because I was sure you needed to go to college to get a degree completely unrelated to mentoring. Or some other requirements that took a long back road that left you at square one when you were done.

I pushed my newfound dream to the side because I wanted a more direct route to achieving it than what I could see.

Maybe being a mentor wasn't for me?

A year after I met my first mentor, my parents introduced me to another mentor. This mentor taught me specific tools to improve my life. I started to apply them and found that I was doing better than I had previously before I learned those tools, and the more I used them, the better my life was. He also had barely even graduated high school, and yet he was helping me to learn more about myself, with things he'd learned on his own and from others.

Maybe I could still be a mentor! 

After I had used those tools for a while I began to teach my friends and those I met, I learned how to teach specifically to the needs of the person I was with. I also completed a 12-week course (The Elite) from this second mentor on how to mentor people intuitively and efficiently. They were able to get better results too!

I was mentoring people!

Somewhere along the line, I realized that I had already had many mentors in my life, they just hadn't called themselves by that title. I remember one of my youth leaders when I was 12, my mom and my dad, my co-worker that taught me how to change a part on my bike, my friend who taught me how to play frisbee, his dad who taught me how to go backpacking and many others. I realized that I had been a mentor in the past without realizing it too.

I had already been mentoring people!

I also had the opportunity to go on a 2-year service mission to Peru, where I not only learned Spanish fluently, but I also got to continue mentoring the people I was teaching and serving with. It was so cool!!

I was becoming a better mentor!

At the beginning of 2019, I started Starlight Mentoring to be able to mentor people as a career instead of as a hobby. Because at this point I knew for certain that this was what I wanted to do in life. I know how to help you move forward in your life, I have raised my intuition and listening abilities to hear you and know what you need next. I have learned the process of how to mentor effectively. So let's work together so I can help you to reach your next star.

I'm excited to be your mentor!

Happy Hiking

Stellar Reviews


Having Benjamin as a mentor was so helpful! He was really able to help me take my life to the next level. I was a full time university student, full time employee, active community leader, athletically training for several hours a week, and starting up entrepreneurial endeavors. I needed help if I was going to balance all of that effectively, and Benjamin helped me find that with the guidance of his starlight mentoring. There are things he said that I continue to think about and use to this day. If you are looking for someone to help you dig deeper and align yourself more fully, Benjamin Fincher can give you some amazing guidance.

Landon Z.

Benjamin came and did an hour long presentation for our leadership class. His presentation was excellent. He not only taught us great information, but he did it in fun ways.
He brought extra excitement and enthusiasm to our group. Afterwards everyone was excited to talk about what they had learned! It was well worth the $ we paid.

Kimberly L.

My mentoring sessions with Benjamin have been very helpful. He has great insights. I have improved significantly in the areas we’ve covered. He has helped me to set, commit to, and accomplish small, achievable goals, which are helping me with my bigger goals. At first I thought ‘do I really need a mentor?’ but this has been well worth it.

Emily H.

Benjamin was great. Wisdom beyond his years. He was able to help me over come an issue I had been having at work and understand what was holding me back. I would absolute recommend him and his services.

Garrett T.

Excellent, insightful mentoring! Benjamin listened to us, and gave us excellent advice and guidance based on OUR needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach so often seen in other similar services. We loved our session, and would reccomend to anybody who needs any kind of advice or help or support of any kind! 5 stars!

Calvan J.

Mr. Fincher really knows how to make a difference in people's lives! He is so wise!! Sign up to mentor with him! Your life will be magnified and bettered from the experience!!!

Stacy E.

Bridge Over River

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”

Gabrielle Bernstein


Why do I need a Mentor?

The hero in every epic tale always has had a mentor,
you're the hero in your very own epic journey!

People throughout the ages have carved their own path forward without anyone to help them. Countless other people have sought advice and wisdom from those who had traveled their same path before so they could save time and avoid the common mistakes found along the way. Those people who gave their advice are mentors.

A mentor is a trusted guide who knows the path ahead and gives advice that works.

So why do you need a mentor?

You need a mentor if you want to save time, energy, or money along your path.

You need a mentor if you want to have someone point out the common pitfalls and mistakes so you can avoid them.

You also need a mentor if you don't know where you want to go and want help to figure it out.

In short, there are many reasons why you need a mentor. And if you're ready to get moving on your path, I would be happy to be your mentor.

Moonlit Night

Why Starlight?

Imagine if you will, a cold winter night in January of 2019.

The sky is mostly clear, with the moon in the sky and stars clearly visible. It was a night like this that I went to my backyard to seek inspiration for what to name my mentoring company.

One of my mentors had instructed me to go into nature to seek out different names for what I might call my company. My backyard was the best option I had at the time. So I climbed onto the playset with my little notebook and pen, and I observed.

Many things stood out to me, the moon, the trees, the sky, the Earth itself, lightning and thunder (though there wasn't any that night), and many other things, both in the night and from my memory.

Finally, I decided that I had enough options and it was time to pick one. I eliminated most of the options quickly, then came down to the last few, and ultimately "Starlight Mentoring" was the one that was right.

Since that night I have seen many different ways that starlight is a perfect metaphor for achieving what we want to in life. It's beyond what we can reach on our own, it's fantastic, it can only be seen under the right circumstances, among others.

Most fascinating to me is that the things required to create stars align with the same things we need to do to achieve goals, or reach a vision for how we want our own lives to be.