How to Rewrite Your Stars


The mindset, habits, and strategies to being able to create your own life, to rewrite your stars.

Here I share my own experiences along with tools to be able to change the results you're getting out of life. Because we all know that we want to live an excellent life, but we don't always know how to make it happen.

Join me in learning the simple steps to take to rewrite YOUR stars.


Season 2 Finale w/ Guest You, the Listener

Here it is folks! The season finale for season 2 of How to Rewrite Your Stars!

This episode is me talking with you and reminiscing about the great stories that have been shared over the past year and a little bit during season 2. I hope that you enjoy it!

Also, be sure to keep your eye out for season 3 in 2022!

Thanks for listening!


Season 1 Episodes

Check 'em out!

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EP 1.1

Knowing Where to Start

Welcome to the first episode of my podcast, How to Rewrite Your Stars! In today's episode, I explore the first step to take in discovering and moving towards your vision of what you want in life. It's simpler than you might think, so get ready to start rewriting your stars and moving towards your very own vision for your life!!

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EP 1.2

The Reason You'll See it Through

From my last episode, you wrote down your vision, awesome! But now, WHY do you even want it? What is it that'll drive you to see it through?

That's what I talk about in this episode, how having a "why" can move you to act on your vision. You've got this!!

EP 1.3

Which are the Right Questions?

Okay, so you've got your vision, you've got your WHY. But you might not be moving as quickly towards your vision as you would like, now why is that? Well, without the right questions, you can get stuck.

Here, I talk about the questions that will help move you towards achieving your vision a lot quicker.

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EP 1.4
The Tool

A Real Success Builder

In this episode, I cover the tool that ties it all together. Because you've got the principles behind getting your vision, but how about a way to put it all into practice super easy AND accelerate your progress towards achieving your vision?

Tune in right now as I explain this tool that's helped me a ton!

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EP 1.5

It's Time to Party!

After all that, what could possibly be left?! One of the most important elements of getting a goal! That's what!

Celebration is a super important part of achieving ANY goal. Learn about how celebration relates to getting your goals, + some cool ideas on how to celebrate!


Expression: Communicating Who You Are (Track 1)

Preview of my Audio Training
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A while back I recorded an audio training to help people to truly express themselves, as themselves.

Today I'm sharing with you the first track from that audio training to be able to help you to get started understanding how to get past the societal norms that tell you how to live your life.


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