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How to Rewrite Your Stars


In Season 2 I invite guests onto the show to share with me and with you as the listener their story of how they have been able to "rewrite their stars" in their own life.

I ask them questions about the mindset, habits, tools, and strategies that they've used to be able to create their own life, to rewrite their stars.

Here I also share my own experiences along with tools that I've used to be able to change the results I've gotten out of life. Near the end of each episode this season I'll also be highlighting a Vision Board Success that I've experienced, to be able to show you, "yes! It is possible to do this yourself." Because we all know that we want to live an excellent life, but we don't always know how to make it happen, and I'm here to help shine the way forward.

Join me in learning the simple steps to take in order to rewrite YOUR stars.


Season 2 Episodes

In season 2 the focus is all about sharing examples of "rewriting your stars" in action!

From guest hosts sharing their stories to me highlighting the vision board successes that I've had, you'll be sure to want to listen!

Image by Greg Rakozy

EP 2.56 Season Finale

Season 2 Finale w/ Guest You, the Listener

Here it is folks! The season finale for season 2 of How to Rewrite Your Stars!

This episode is me talking with you and reminiscing about the great stories that have been shared over the past year and a little bit during season 2. I hope that you enjoy it!

Also, be sure to keep your eye out for season 3 in 2022!

Thanks for listening!


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